5 Essay Things You Have to Consider While Planning Your Time-Management for Essay Writing

Essay writing might not be hard for you. Yet, this kind of assignment is always time-consuming. When you have to be at all places at once, there is a risk of not having enough time for an essay. And dealing with multiple overdue essays isn’t a pleasant thing.

Creating a time-management plan for essay writing is one of the best ideas while you study. But is it that easy? Some papers require much more time than you might expect. Thus, you have to consider at least 5 things to plan your essay writing efficiently. 

1. Do You Type an Essay or Write It by Hand?

Writing one page takes some time but it’s impossible to give a clear answer how long it takes. Essay writing is a complex individual process. So, some students might write one page in 10 minutes, and for some others, it will take half an hour. Of course, it depends if the student knows what they want to write in their essay.

If you need to write a 3-page essay, it will take a bit more than 35 minutes if you don’t stop at all. But that only works if you type an essay. If your professor requires a handwritten paper, then it will take more than 1 hour in the best case. But it’s better to add some extra time to your schedule as you can never know how the process will go.

2. Is Your Essay in Single or Double Spaces?

If you need to write a single-spaced essay, it will take two times longer. This is why it’s so important to clarify what your professor expects you to do. Ask them about this point of formatting and decide your time only after that.

3. Do You Need to Look for Sources for Your Essay?

Some academic papers won’t require source searching. Of course, in this case, essay writing will be fast because you can speak from experience. But if you need sources to back your thoughts up, it drastically changes your time-planning.

Sources for essays are not that hard to find but that depends on your topic. Also, it’s significant to be media literate. If you don’t know how to tell if the source is trustworthy, here is what you need to pay attention to:

  • The formatting of an article you consider useful. If it comes from an educational institution, it must meet all academic standards of formatting.
  • The publisher. Is it an educational institution? Some kind of a research center? A popular medium? If the answer is yes, then the source might be good for your essay. But if that’s a random website or a blog, then that information might not be objective and applicable for your essay.
  • The author. If you read a scientific article, then there will be information about the author. You will see their academic level, a finished degree, and so on. If the material has no author, then it’s not trustworthy.
  • The bibliography. A trustworthy article will have a properly done list of all other sources. You can also search for them if they correspond to your essay topic.

4. Will You Have Time for Refinement?

When you have completed your assignment, it remains a draft until you proofread it. Refinement takes less time than writing, that’s for sure. But when you re-read a paper for the fifth time, you will automatically skip some parts thinking that they’re alright.

When you are planning your essay writing, think about giving yourself a break. Take at least 15 minutes of spare time and rest before continuing to refine.

5. Do You Need Essay Help or Do You Want to Do It Alone?

Getting help with an essay is alright but think if others have their own time to assist you, even a little bit. You might wait for this help for too long and fail to submit your paper on time. To avoid such unpleasant situations, you can try using essay writing services.

Professional essay writers react to students in seconds. The longest you might wait for their response is only 5 minutes. And if you hire a writer from a good essay writing service, you won’t have to write an essay at all because they will do all this stuff for you. Also, essay writers work fast because they compose the best essays every single day.

Of course, professional writing help requires payment. But essay writing services are usually cheap, so most students can afford that.

In Conclusion

Essay writing planning takes time as well. Of course, it’s a very personalized process, so there is no versatile answer on how much time one essay needs. But if you do planning systematically and attentively, you will be able to calculate the time you need in one moment.