4 Internet Tools That Will Make Your Essays Perfect Right on Time

Every student has to write a ton of essays at some point. Some circumstances might make you delay essay writing. Dealing with overdue assignments is even more stressful. Moreover, some professors might mark your paper down if you didn’t have an opportunity to submit it on time. 

When deadlines are wrapping tightly around the throat, a student has to seek alternative ways of essay writing. Gladly, the era of information allows us to use various tools that can help you deal with all those papers. So, we’ll take a look at 4 means that might enhance your essay writing and help you finish it on time. 

Tool #1: Essay Writing Bots 

Artificial intelligence has yet to overcome the human mind but it can do some great things already. And it might be your perfect tool in essay writing. Of course, you will have to edit what the bot has written for you. But if you don’t want to deal with overdue papers, it might become your salvation.

Still, even the best tools of this kind may fail you. For instance, the bot won’t understand your topic or will copy too much extra content. So, essay writing with this tool still requires editing and proofreading.

Pros and cons here:

+ the bot will do your work;

+ you don’t have to search for materials to back your ideas up;

+ some bots will check grammar and the percentage of plagiarism automatically;

– many bots don’t write essays well;

– you will have to do a lot of editing and proofreading;

– the best programs are only those that cost money.

Tool #2: Online Essay Editors

The first things that pop up in mind are HemingwayApp and Grammarly. Sure thing, there are other things like that. But the mentioned tools are the most popular, and also free. In this case, the program won’t write an essay for you. Yet, it will enhance it, so you will have an opportunity to get a better grade.

But… Yeah, you will have to write an essay alone. 

Advantages and disadvantages in this case:

+ your essays become much better;

+ you don’t have to spend time proofreading yourself;

+ the programs will correct your essay automatically;

+ free (at least the mentioned ones);

– the program won’t write for you (it might suggest something but that’s it).

Tool #3: Free Essay Samples

It’s not a tool that will write your essay, which is unfortunate. But getting a template is a move that makes essay writing much faster. Gladly, you can find whole Internet libraries with essay templates.

The best websites to look for them are essay writing services. Sure, it won’t be on your topic precisely but you can follow the structure, formatting, and take a look at sources.

Gains and losses here:

+ you have exemplary material that gives you ideas;

+ you can save time by using the listed sources (if they correspond to your topic);

+ essay samples are always free;

– you will have to do actual essay writing by yourself. 

Tool #4: Essay Writing Services

When you are direly short on time, this choice will be the best. If you hire a writer, you won’t have to do anything. Your essay assistant will write it for you, and they will do it on time that you choose. A professional will do the work for you while you can pay attention to what matters more than academic writing.

If you hire a writer, that means that you will:

  • Get the best academic papers that are literate, well-structured, and formatted already;
  • Obtain a fully-done essay (or another academic paper) on the deadline you choose;
  • Save a lot of time because you don’t have to do research anymore;
  • Get the finest exemplary material on your particular topic that you can reuse later;
  • Make your grades jump up to perfection because essays from professional essay writers don’t have flaws;
  • Have an opportunity to master essay writing if you choose to supervise your writer’s work.

Sure thing, this all requires money. Still, if you decide to buy an essay, it will most likely be cheap or at least affordable enough. Moreover, if you use an essay writing service for the first time, you will get a discount.

Gains and losses here:

+ perfect papers;

+ all-around writing assistance;

+ only the best grades for your essays;

+ the most convenient tool online;

– costs money but it will be cheap.

In Conclusion 

The era of the Internet allows us to make essay writing swift, profound, and worthy of the best grades. Still, the specifics of every Internet tool are different. So, consider your time management when choosing the best tool of alternative essay writing for you.